When not working, I relax by immersing myself in:

Lego: I collect lego sets, focussing on the “legoland” themes. I am constructing a small corner of lego world where I can think about how real world structures can be abstracted down to a model, in a world that can be lived in. Within this Lego world each minifig has an individual identity and bio and lives out stories of their lives.

Cooking: Food is a reflection of a culture, and I love to explore food in that context, not only the authentic “for food”, but also how food evolves as it travels and becomes appropriated by other cultures.

Music and Video: I am fascinated by the art of storytelling in music and video, both absolutely as a piece of artistic expression but also as it represents the voice of people, particularly if I find myself appropriating it. At the same time, engineers can enable or stifle the efforts of the storytellers. For this reason I try to understand how best to preserve and transmit the captured moments and honour the work of the artist through the engineering of audio/visual technology.

Photography: Pictures capture memories and tell life stories. This could be an artefact of moment of history past, a moment of history in the making that I may be witnessing, or just simply capturing a moment of beauty.